Discover a Brilliant Smile with Zoom Whitening

You probably already know that a stunning smile gets you noticed. A beautiful smile is an important part of a great first impression. Studies show that individuals with bright, white smiles are perceived to be younger, more successful, and more attractive.

If you are unhappy with the shade of your smile, the solution is simple at Cherry Blossom Dentistry. We can make your smile bloom with professional in-office or take-home teeth whitening.

In-Office Teeth Whitening with Zoom!

Patients who want to see the fastest and most significant results may opt for in-office whitening. In-office whitening is also best for patients with very discolored or dull teeth.

Dr. Martin provides chairside Zoom! tooth whitening to ensure outstanding results. After under an hour, you can leave our office with a sparkling new smile.

The Zoom! in-office system combines a powerful bleaching gel with an activation lamp for rapid results. We will cater your whitening treatment to meet your sensitivity needs. After just 45 minutes, the incredible Zoom! system can lighten your teeth up to ten shades!

Take-Home Tooth Whitening

Patients who would like to see professional whitening results in the comfort of their own home should consider take-home whitening. Dr. Martin will provide you with custom-fit bleaching kits and a powerful formula that is much more effective than over the counter toothpastes or whitening kits.

You can simply line your trays with the whitening solution and then wear them for the amount of time that Dr. Martin recommends. You’ll notice a difference after just one or two sessions. To maximize your tooth bleaching results, continue treatment for about two weeks.

When you feel good about your smile, your confidence can shine through! To find out more about our whitening options, call us at Cherry Blossom Dentistry today. We will treat you like family here and give you the great dental experience you deserve.